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Programme Committee meeting

After a successful Call for Contributions attracting over 260 abstracts, our International Review Committee, with members from 18 different countries, reviewed and scored our general and academic submissions for the conference.


The Programme Committee met on 26 and 27 April to consolidate all contributions, look at the emerging themes and, ultimately, shape the programme for the conference in September.


This was no mean feat with each member having to blind review every submission in order for each to be discussed openly as a group. These debates were always interesting and often lively with a group as diverse as this. We had Dr. Úna Beagon from the School of Structural & Civil Engineering, TU Dublin; Dr. Lorraine D’Arcy and David O’Connor from the School of Environment & Planning, TU Dublin; Dr. David Gaul from the School of Business (Sports Management), TU Dublin (previously with Get Ireland Walking); Jason King from Get Ireland Walking, and Bronwen Thornton and Jim Walker from Walk21.


Two long and intense days were spent discussing abstracts, ideas and themes – with plenty of coffee! And by the end of the second day, we now have the basic structure of the conference mapped out and what an exciting programme we will have! We look forward to sharing the programme with you very soon.


See you in September!


Walk21 Network