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Do you fancy a morning run through 1,752 acres of beautiful greenery? A natural gem in the crown of Dublin that not only houses a stunning, native population of deer, Dublin Zoo and the American Ambassador to Ireland but also the President of Ireland? We have you covered! Emmet Ó Briain from

Every year, for one Friday night in September, Ireland’s cultural institutions and organisations open their doors to the public for an evening of celebration of culture, creativity and the arts. The evening seeks to actively promote the belief that this rich and varied culture is alive, treasured and nurtured in people’s lives,

After a successful Call for Contributions attracting over 260 abstracts, our International Review Committee, with members from 18 different countries, reviewed and scored our general and academic submissions for the conference.   The Programme Committee met on 26 and 27 April to consolidate all contributions, look at the emerging themes and, ultimately, shape the


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