Frequently Asked Questions

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I have specific dietary requirements. Will there be a wide variety of food available?

We have done our best to make the food available as broad as possible so that there is an option for everyone. If your requirement is very specific or you are still concerned, you can add it to your registration under Additional Information and the organisers will receive it. Alternatively, you contact the team to ensure you will be catered for.

I have accessibility requirements. Are your venues fully accessible?

We have worked with venues that offer full accessibility and hope to have catered for all levels of mobility and accessibility. If you have any concerns, you can add your specific needs to your registration under Additional Information or email the team to seek assurance.

Can I still make a submission to Walk21 Ireland?

No, all submissions have now been reviewed and the programme is drafted.

My submission was accepted. What is the date for uploading my final submission?

Congratulations! Your final submission is due by 31 August. Please upload it though your dashboard on Ex Ordo.

My submission was accepted as a video. What are the guidelines for videos/films?

Congratulations! Guidelines are below:

  • All videos or films should be a maximum of three minutes long
  • They should be visually engaging and inclusive of all abilities
  • They should include information of where viewers can learn more about the topic
  • They must be submitted in a file type compatible with YouTube or Vimeo
I will be presenting a poster at the conference. What do I need to do?

Great! You will need to upload a PDF of your slide via the Ex Ordo portal by 31 August for virtual display and have an A1-sized physical poster for display on Thursday, 22 September.

When does the early bird window close?

Early bird tickets are available until 31 July.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a concession ticket?

You are eligible for a concession ticket if:

  • You are a third-level student
  • You are a speaker or presenter at the conference
  • You work for an NGO or a community group
  • You were a member of the International Review Committee
  • You are a member of the Local Advisory Council
Can I attend a pre-conference workshop?

If you are attending the conference in person, you can attend one pre-conference workshop on Monday, 19 September. Workshops will not be streamed so virtual delegates cannot attend.

Can I share my ticket with another person?

No, we ask that delegates act in good faith and operate a one ticket, one person policy.

Can I bring someone to the conference dinner?

Yes, you can. There is a conference dinner only ticket for people to bring a colleague, friend or partner.

Can I bring someone to other social events?

Unfortunately not. Numbers for these events are more limited than the conference dinner so we ask that only delegates attend please.

I will be attending the conference virtually. Which ticket option should I choose?

Great! The ticket type you choose depends on what you want from your attendance. The immersive option will allow you to choose which parallel sessions you watch, to network with other delegates and to engage in Q&A sessions. The passive option will allow you to watch only what is streamed on our YouTube channel, which will be all plenaries and one parallel only.

I am presenting at the conference but cannot attend in person. What should I do?

That is fine for pecha kucha and topical discussion submissions as the conference team will organise for your presentation to be pre-recorded. We do ask, however, that you register for the immersive virtual experience as this will allow you to access and watch your parallel session, answer any questions people have for you and engage with any Q&A sessions that occur. 


If you are facilitating a roundtable or workshop, you must attend in person as these will not be broadcast. 


If you are a poster or video/film submission, please upload the appropriate documentation as per the relevant guidelines.

I am presenting at the conference. Can you help me with my accommodation?

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with booking but we have some suggestions and ideas on our website on the Ireland Info page. We recommend staying somewhere central if possible and/or somewhere on the Luas (tram) line as it leads to most venues.


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